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Pia Schiavo-Campo Pia Schiavo-Campo describes herself as a fat feminist, author and writer and you can catch her challenging beauty standards over on her blog, Chronicles of A Mixed Fat Chick.

  • Every time Batwoman thinks she has the advantage, the Trickster tricks her into unconsciousness.

  • How does she do it all and get away with it? It wasn't long before other transgender people were sharing their own transition photos.

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We want to hear of those who have knocked down walls and barriers in plus size fashion! In 2009, she had her only film performing with other male actors.

  • In the late 1800s, volleyball first came to fruition over in Massachusetts.

  • Alex Jacob pictured wrote momentsintransition when you first cut your hair Gabrielle says that she has been surprised by the reaction but hopes that the positive response will help those on transitioning journeys themselves.