Header for only fans - pwm

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Fan control with Jcorsair Header on MSI

Only fans for header not enough

not enough fans headers on motherboard?

Only fans for header 5 content

Only fans for header pwm

AIO pump: where do you connect it?

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6 fans and only 1 cpu fan header

Only fans for header Mobo has

Only fans for header I have

Only fans for header Solved: What

Only fans for header Solved: What

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Mobo has only one true PWM fan header

Using an aio at low rpm i have to have more fans to get more airflow It's not for 6 fans, since i have 6 of the same fans i could go for that, i have to think about it, since going all in means i could for many years have more than enough cooling and atm i do have a little extra money for a 360 aio, i want to go for a 6 or 8 core ryzen 3000, i would oc close to its limit, my ryzen 7 1700 is at 150watt at 4ghz, i like it cool and quiet doing gaming so with 10-20% higher ghz than ryzen 2000, ryzen 3000 might get hot, not just a 95 watt tdp.

  • You are looking at fans current, which is 0.

  • I haven't seen a retail product addressing this problem.

AIO pump: where do you connect it?

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