Corinne bachelor topless - 'The Bachelor': Corinne Goes Topless On Week 2 and Liz Sandoz is Eliminated ⋆ Somewhere Luxurious

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Bachelor topless corinne A Brief

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Corinne Goes Topless On 'The Bachelor' & It Makes The Other Women Uncomfortable

Corinne seems to embrace her villain tag, bragging to the other women about being the first of them to kiss Nick, declaring her love for him, forcing confrontations with the other ladies, lecturing them on how they should behave and repeatedly interrupting their time with Nick to steal him away for herself — all the while getting merry on the free champagne served up the show.

  • Although the shots are revealing, it's not the first time Corinne's forgot her top in front of the camera.

  • Another image shows her lying in the sand au naturale on top with white bikini bottoms.

Naked Moments on the Bachelor and Bachelorette: Photos

It was immediate but it was only for about twenty seconds, and um, it was just the tip.

  • The other girls might as well give up now.

  • One girl slapped him and Liz…Oh Liz.