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Woman, 32, lured boy, 14, back to her house to have sex after watching him play football court hears

Leanne vincent teah Mum cleared


Leanne vincent teah Mother, 32,

Mother, 32, is CLEARED over sex with 14

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Leanne vincent teah Mother

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Ariana Grande

Leanne vincent teah Mother, 32,Cleared

Leanne vincent teah Mum cleared

Mother, 32,Cleared Over Sex With 14

The court heard the boy and a 14-year-old friend were playing football near her home and invited them for a soft drink.

  • Prosecutor Christopher Smyth told the jury that Vincent offered the boys a glass of water back at her home around 5pm after they spent the afternoon playing football at Woolaston Memorial Hall near her home.

  • The boy opened the window and was warned that if his father or elder brother ever went to the defendant's house again 'I will stab them in the jaw.

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The two had intercourse, but the teen ended up pushing her off and went back to his friend, who was waiting downstairs.

  • She told her that the police needed to be involved.

  • I forgot to change it when I got older.

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